America has been called a great experiment - a test to see if a melting pot of people can survive and prosper through self-government.  After more than 200 years of ingenuity, persistence, and sacrifice, our great union of states has earned -- if not the friendship -- the respect, and even the subtle admiration, of the nations of Earth. We have demonstrated that humanity has the ability to govern itself in freedom if the will exists. 

This is now a time of great global change in the community of man, a time when America must assume a responsibility to not only preserve freedom for itself, but also to lead the people of the world into a new millennium of self-government.  For the sake of our own long-term security, we must instill in others the concept that freedom is a right of all men of all nations to live without the threat of oppressive  leadership, to choose their separate courses through life, to raise their children as they deem moral and fit, and to spend their lives in the pursuit of self-interests, happiness, and prosperity in respect for their fellow man.

This nexus of ideals is, however, straining the fabric of our young nation.  Fundamental elements of our society -- the ability to adequately educate new generations of Americans,  our spirit of scientific exploration and discovery with resulting new and vital technologies, the need to develop alternative sources of energy and conserve our natural resources, our economic security and competitiveness in the global marketplace, and the wisdom to protect our fragile environment and conserve it as home for our grandchildren -- represent serious issues of the day which must be addressed with long-term solutions before they become problems so great as to jeopardize our future.  Therefore, the concept of Terra Cor has been designed as a proactive means to address these fundamental elements that are critical to the welfare of our society, to steady the course of American culture through this turbulent time, and to assure that America remains a bastion of stability and beacon of light for the rest of the world.

Terra Cor is no longer just a concept, but after a decade of testing and planning at a private/public investment of over $6 million, and after partnerships have been forged with state and federal governments and with both labor and industry,  this great new vision for America is now poised to become reality.  This is  a time to realize that Terra Cor is a bold new vision that will strengthen our society, our economy, and our ability to compete within the newly-emerging global marketplace.  It is a time to enthusiastically and aggressively pursue the immediate development of Terra Cor International Park and National Laboratory in western Pennsylvania as a dynamic new tool toward the long-term benefit of the people of Pennsylvania, America, and the world.

Like the great American experiment, Terra Cor has been uniquely-designed to be built, to function, and to grow under its own power with the support of the people (96% private dollars).  Terra Cor answers the call of President Kennedy “to ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”,  of President Bush after 9/11 when he stated that “our best defense against terrorism is to show the people of the world the true spirit and character of America”, and of President Obama in his goal to revitalize our economy, improve education, secure our energy future, and stabilize the global community.  Terra Cor’s founder, capable staff, and steadfast partners are now poised to swiftly develop Terra Cor for the citizens of America and the world.

Terra Cor is good for science and education as well as the arts;  it is good for environment as well as for energy and our economy; it is good for domestic prosperity and good for our national security.  Terra Cor is good for Pennsylvania and good for the world.  Terra Cor is good for America.